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Members in Faversham are supported by town centre Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers, who each have their own Swale Safe radio.

FavershamRoger Lake - Faversham Swimming Pools
"I use the radio because it provides security for my staff and it gives me 'at the moment' contact with other businesses and in particular the railway station."
FavershamDavid Thompson - The Old Wine Vault public house and restaurant
"I and my staff feel much safer with the radio and it helps our customers feel the same. We can listen to what's going on in the town and help other traders. The scheme makes us feel part of the business community."
FavershamMaureen Ziska - PJ Steele Jewellers
"I think the scheme is brilliant. Because of the nature of what we sell, we have never regretted signing up to the scheme. In the first year the radio rental had paid for itself, as we had a robbery and by using the radio the police were able to apprehend the individuals and return my property quickly. I worry less about my staff as it acts as a deterrent to would be problems."